CNR Millagro Milling
Machinery & Agricultural
Technologies Exhibition
20-22 September 2023
ROSTOV - Russia


  • Access to new business opportunities: CNR Millagro provides an excellent opportunity to discover new business opportunities. You will have the opportunity to meet local and international customers and establish potential business contacts. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other participating companies.
  • Establish international business contacts: CNR Millagro offers a unique opportunity to meet and establish business contacts with local and international customers and other participating companies. The fair can help your business to be recognized and grown in the international arena. Also, by establishing international business contacts, you can access new markets and support the growth of your business.
  • Follow your competitors' activities: CNR Millagro is also useful for keeping track of your competitors' activities and products. By learning about your competitors' strategies and innovations, you can better position your business.
  • Promote your products: CNR Millagro provides an excellent opportunity to promote your products and attract potential customers. The fair is useful for showcasing your products, connecting with customers and promoting the features of your products.
  • Grow your business: CNR Millagro provides an excellent opportunity to grow your business and gain new customers. The exhibition is beneficial for developing your business's marketing strategy and customer base.




Packaging for the Mill Industry

  • Filling Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Sewing Machines
  • Paper Bag Sewing Machines
  • Packaging for Flour, Pulses, Grain and Paper
  • Plastic Packaging for Flour, Pulses and Grains
  • Sacks and Bigbags
Storage Ventilation

  • Storage Units
  • Pre-cleaning Systems
  • Conveying Belts and Equipment
  • Ventilation Equipment
  • Heat and Humidity Control Systems
  • Stacking Machines
  • Silos
Machinery and Sub-Industry

  • Milling Machinery
  • Spare parts and Sub-Industry Products
  • Auxiliary Machinery Equipment
  • Pneumatic Devices and Vacuums
  • Filtering Machines and Equipment
  • Vibration Engines and Materials
  • Electricity and Efficiency Systems
  • Engine Gearboxes
Flour, Pet Food, Pulses and Grain Processing Technologies and Equipment

  • Seed Screening Machines
  • Filtering Equipment
  • Dosing Unit Machines and Equipment
  • Kneading Machines and Equipment
  • Forming Systems and Equipment
  • Marble Cutting Systems and Equipment
  • Granule Unit Machines and Equipment
  • Crushing Machines and Equipment
  • Dust Control System Equipment
  • Cooking and Machinery systems
  • Drying Machinery and Equipment
  • Shell Counting Machines and Equipment
  • Polishing Machinery and Equipment
  • Classification Machinery and Equipment
  • Mixing Machinery and Equipment
  • Cleaning and Panning Machinery and Equipment
  • Smart Machinery and Equipment
  • Cooling Machines and Systems
  • Grinding Machines and Equipment
  • Pelleting Machines
  • Screening Machinery and Equipment

Facility and Construction Applications

  • Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Greenhouse and Greenhouse Technologies
  • Seed- Sapling-- Flowers-Landscape
  • Plant Nutrition and Protection
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • Bait
  • Fertilizer and Fertilizer Technologies
  • Milk and Dairy Technologies and Farming
  • Agriculture 4.0 and Livestock
  • Other Industries
Measurement and Control

  • Measuring devices
  • Load Containers
  • Scales

Engine Electronics

  • Automation Machinery and Equipment
  • Valve systems and equipment
  • Vacuum-Pump Systems and Equipment
  • Raw materials

Laboratory and Analysis Tests

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Quality and Control and Analysis Systems
  • Testers / Indicators
  • Surveillance and Certification
  • Additives

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